OneNote – Class notebook with students

Students in 5CH 2017 have been using OneNote extensively in their day-to-day learning of all subjects. We have enjoyed using it tremendously and picked up useful skills along the way. Have a look at the PowerPoint to see how we have made OneNote work for us!

Collaboration in Year 5

Students in Year 5 worked collaboratively with their peers to research information about notable people in Australian History. Students worked in groups of four, with members from each Year 5 Class. Instructions were emailed to all students. Students set up and shared Online Word documents and communicated via the chat function to assign roles in their group. The teachers were there for support and guidance and could follow the conversations and research as they were shared into the documents too. Students worked in their own classrooms and learnt that collaboration is possible even when you aren’t in the same room as your team members! We hope this is the beginning of more collaboration across the year level and a stepping stone to collaborating and communicating with students in other schools and even other countries!


1:1 Learning in 5D

The students in 5D have been utilising their laptops in different ways and in different subjects to achieve their learning objectives. The laptops are used in Literacy sessions…

We also use the laptops in Numeracy sessions to do things like…

We also use our laptops in other areas such as…

Investigation Unit and...
Investigation Unit and…
Footy Tipping!
Footy Tipping!








5D students have enjoyed learning using their laptops and are excited about the prospects of discovering newer and more exciting ways of thinking, learning and doing things in the future!

Laptops in the Classroom

These students are using their laptops during our Literacy sessions. Sometimes we purely use the laptop and sometimes we mixed both electronic and traditional written methods to assist our learning

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Laptops and Robotics

Students in Year 5 have been using their laptops as part of the Robotics Program. Students are developing skills to use the program Lego MindStorm to program their robots to move around tracks of increasing complexity. Have a look at some of our students in action!

  IMG_0330 IMG_0332 IMG_0345 IMG_0352