The portal is now LIVE :)!

You can access all the relevant information regarding devices and insurance on the portal.

To access information and purchase from the BYOD portal please follow these steps:

Delivery of these devices will be to Mount Waverley Primary school for final imaging and configuration by our technician Justin Simmonds, here are the timelines for delivery.

Laptops purchased by the 7th December will be delivered by Monday the 12th of December and will be available for pick up shortly after once Justin Simmonds our technician has imaged them.

Laptops purchased after this date but before 18th January will be delivered by 23rd of January

Laptops purchased after the 23rd of January will be delivered in a weekly/fortnightly basis

The portal will stay open from now all the way through the holidays and continue to stay open through the beginning of the school term next year