Year 2

This term the Year 2 students used Microsoft Word to write recounts. They have been utilising a range of word processing skills such as key short cuts (copy, cut, paste), font formatting (bolding text, using italics, adjusting size, colour and font style) and inserting pictures and borders. The students have created folders and used appropriate file names to save their work.

The students have viewed several episodes of Hector’s World. These online videos teach students how to be eSmart.

Year 3


Using our class one note students have done the following. In their writing page, under the persuasive tab, students who wrote a persuasive piece on whether homework should or should not be given to students… students used features of word to show font, size, etc. Here are a couple of examples:

Emotions power point – skills in the activity included:

  • students each selected an emotion they were interested in (student voice).
  • They then had to research the various aspects of that emotion.
  • They used power point to display the information they learnt – they selected which template/design/colours they used
  • With a partner, they took 3 photos of themselves acting out the emotion
  • photos were uploaded on student public
  • students had to locate their photos on the network and upload their photos themselves into their PowerPoint
  • photo were resized
  • each photo then had speech bubbles added
  • each page had transitions and animations added

Some students recorded their voices reading out the content in their presentation, attached is the PowerPoint