Digital Learning @ MWPS

Keep up to date with digital learning across MWPS and the Yr 4-6 BYOD program


Foundation Digital Learning 

Brain POP Jr is a great tool we use to assist us in further understanding particular topics such as Maths, English and Investigations.

In Reading Groups we have been using a number of programs to build on our knowledge of Digital Literacy such as 2publish+, Simple City, Starfall and Reading Eggs.

Year 1

The below video was a task where we recorded different foods and why we eat them, carbs for energy, fruits and veg for vitamins and sometimes foods which taste good but aren’t the best for us.

The below video is about shapes, we discussed the different shapes, their properties and where we might see them.

The last video is from a narrative task. After the students had finished their narratives they recorded their narrative stories, throughout their recording we were focusing on presentation, fluency and expression.

Here you can see a variety of images of students working collaborative with the use of digital technology to enhance their engagement and ultimately their outcomes.

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