Below is a list of resources that we use here at M.W.P.S around Digital Learning. These tools have been extensively researched and trialed. We have chosen to gain whole school access to them as the feedback from experts, teachers and students is they promote student engagement and enhance student outcomes.


BrainPOP is for upper elementary and middle school aged students 3-6. It covers global topics and makes learning visible through tools that challenge students to reflect, make connections and engage in deeper,
curiosity driven learning.

BrainPOP Junior –                                                               

BrainPOP Jr. provides curriculum-based content geared specifically for F-3 students. Gently encourages young learners to ask questions and form their own ideas. The learning is designed with relevance, depth and humour to encourage kids to take a unique learning journey


Mangahigh is one of the world’s first games-based-learning sites, where students learn Mathematics via purpose-built casual games that balance fun and learning. Each game is designed to dynamically adapt in difficulty to the ability of the student in order to aid the student to stay in their zone of proximal development. These activities develop students’ ability and curiosity to observe, hypothesise, test, evaluate, conclude and refine ideas that are not always possible with traditional pedagogic teaching.


Studyladder is a site that provides educational resources across a wide range of subjects from F-7. It provides parents and teachers with resources to help students learn. Studyladder includes content that is aligned with the curriculum. It also includes many extra resources over and above the curriculum requirements.


Kahoot is an interactive and creative learning program. Students use their own device to answer quiz, discussion based questions on a variety of topics ranging from F-12. This type of social learning promotes discussion and pedagogical impact. Students are encouraged to create and share their own kahoots to deepen understanding, mastery and purpose.

Verso –                                                                                          

Verso is a discussion based learning platform. It gives every student a voice and allows educators to personalize instruction. Verso ensures depth of knowledge and mastery of Michale Fullan’s 6 Cs. Verso allows students to discuss opinions, ideas and spark curiosity and promote collaboration across a variety of topics and concepts.