A warm hello and welcome to the MWPS community.

I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself.

My name is Tom Boyle and i have recently taken over as interim 1:1 Coordinator as Erin Harman is on maternity leave.

Our 2017 Laptops are nearly finalized and our portal for purchasing laptops is just about to go live. Make sure you stay tuned for any updates on our progress.

We have been working very diligently and meticulously on improving our 1:1 program here at MWPS.

We have been working on updating our 1:1 policy and 2017 1:1 classroom expectations, as well as putting procedures into place to continue to maintain inclusiveness of all students in Year 4-6 as this 1:1 program continue to develops.

I would just like to make note that we are very appreciative of all the support from the MWPS community, as well as the feedback we have received, as we continue to work on providing the best possible learning opportunities for our students here at MWPS.

Below are a range of images demonstrating our 1:1 program. We have students working on portal bought laptops, BYOD laptops and shared MWPS laptops, all forms of laptops work cohesively to create a successful 1:1 classroom. There are also examples of laptops being used in different classes across Year 4,5,6 that can be accessed on the menu above.

If you have an questions or would like to get in contact with myself my email address is boyle.tom.t@edumail.vic.gov.au or alternatively you can click the contact button on the right hand side menu to provide feedback/ideas for the Year 4-6 1:1 program.

Warmest Regards,

Tom Boyle

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MWPS 2017 Laptop Program

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